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Emily N. Mottram, RA
Mottram Architecture

About Mottram Architecture
I’m an Architect.

My specialty is residential - new construction and renovation with a concentration in high performance homes and anything within 250 feet of any major waterbody (lakes, ponds, streams, ocean)

The mission of Mottram Architecture is to bring super insulated, zero energy, and zero energy-ready homes to the marketplace in a soulful and creative way. One of a kind, uniquely designed, positively solar. My business specializes in energy efficient residential design or renovation. We design for cold climate building, but we think the impact of housing everywhere in the country is important and we strive to provide our clients with the best information available!

We practice integrated design and look at everything from water consumption, energy consumption, building envelope, orientation, and function.

Many homes are beautiful, but all homes should require less effort to operate and maintain. Our design philosophy is simple, attractive, and durable homes that use space efficiently. We are not hung up on the square footage of a home, but are more interested in how you live and how your home can best meet your needs.

About Emily N. Mottram:
Being an architect requires equal parts determination and imagination. I developed an interest in building science and sustainable design in college. And if I hadn’t gotten into architecture school, I would have gone to school for science. So maybe I’ve always been a little nerdy.

By 2009, I said to myself “What am I interested in, and what does Maine need”. And that’s when I started doing energy engineering work that taught me how to look at buildings just a little bit differently. That’s when I knew I had found my true passion.

This led me to start designing energy efficient, zero energy ready, and super insulated homes. But even that wasn’t enough. Your home has to be somewhere you WANT to live. It has to be comfortable, durable, healthy, and beautiful. Because, I believe homes have an impact on your physical, social, mental and economic well-being. And that was what I thought Maine needed and is the foundation that I have built Mottram Architecture on.

However, I’m not just an architect. I’m a wife and mom to two four-kids (Bastian, a min pin and Chase, a shepherd rescue). I love to scuba dive, hike, kayak and read. I’m a teacher at heart and have taught several sustainable design and building science classes. And even though I’m very social, I am an introvert. I lead an adventurous life, whether it is traveling with my husband or taking my nieces and nephews on adventures.

I became and architect because I wanted a challenge. I remain an architect because it’s rewarding and I get to design beautiful spaces that make people happy and healthy!