Raechelle Haynes
Fortitude Fitness

Raechelle Haynes
Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Faster Way to Fat loss® coach

I am Raechelle Haynes, a midcoast Maine-based ISSA certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist + certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Coach. I am focused on creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle for my clients through both exercise + nutrition.

Staying dedicated to exercise + maintaining nutritious eating habits isn't easy. It takes dedication + hard work to achieve optimum fitness especially in a world where everything is cheap, fast + easy. Making your health a priority can be tough while juggling work, family + endless demands. I understand that. 

My philosophy in everything is BALANCE. If you can find balance in all things, you can achieve lasting results. And my wish for everyone is to live a happy + healthy life! I am currently offer group fitness classes, personal training, small group training in my studio located at 2473 Camden Road in Warren. I am also available to work with clients all over the world through an online program pairing nutrition + exercise together called the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. Be sure to connect + follow me both on Facebook @fortitudefitnessmaine + Instagram @raechellehaynes. My current class schedule + more information on my services can be found on my website: www.fortitudefitnessmaine.com

+ I am available to answer your questions through my email – raechelle.haynes@gmail.com.